Les Roches

Les Roches

Les Roches: The Worldwide Famous Hospitality Management Institute with reflections of successful image of alumni from past to present

One of the top three worldwide renowned hospitality management institutes, Les Roches, becomes the desired destination for interested group who wants to study hospitality management. With long accumulation of fifty-seven years of reputation, concentrated curriculum which focused both theories and practices and that make graduates from this institute (currently 4,000 graduates from Les Roches) turn into acknowledgement in quality not only from the hospitality industry but also from other services’ businesses around the world.

Insight Les Roches from theoretical and practical process

What really reflect the quality of Les Roches Institute are the alumni who are recognized in the society and successful in their careers, namely, Khun Dalin Sanitwong Na Ayutthaya, one of the alumni from Les Roches Institute, at present, Director of Food and Beverage Department at Sukhothai Hotel.

At Les Roches, they offer high quality curriculums and, especially, who has the inspiration to work in the hotel industry and is looking for the place to study, Les Roches is the best choice. The syllabus of Les Roches is not only highlighted on theories but also applied the practices simultaneously. During the training, Les Roches, it simulates the real situation, unexpected events to occur and pressures from the customers. The introduction of the Les Roches program will start from being a waiter in the first year. For the next year, the trainee will be taught in the kitchen and will learn about cooking and ingredient selection. In the last year of the course, they will be taught about management including profit management, cost management.

This institute does not teach us in any specific way, but, they educate us to know every aspects of hotel business which means if one day we will be in the management level, we will realize every processes and procedures and that is the great thing when we enter the real world of working.

Les Roches from top up to other career paths

Graduates from Les Roches will be fulfilled with service skills and that they will be able to expand their career paths to other services’ businesses easily. Another alumnus from Les Roches, Khun Sorawanee Kuprasert, Director of Customer Business Compensation Department, Thai Airways Public Company Limited, told us that Les Roches not only instructs about the hospitality knowledge, but also provides other necessary supplement skills such as communication, planning, observation, memorization or even patience. Altogether, these reside in the training courses.

However, there are other two crucial skills to be considered: people skill and service mind. Les Roches demonstrates how to mutually work with different types of people which is the key when working as a team. Also, service mind is inherited in every student’s hearts which represents and guarantees that if anyone graduates from this institute will capable of working in every lines of careers.

Les Roches recognition in hospitality industry

Dr. Pisut Yuwannont, another graduate from Les Roches Hospitality Management Institute, at this time, Program Director & Lecturer of International Program of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Mahidol University, is working as a consultant for those who interested in studying the hospitality program. Previously, before he chose to study at Les Roches, he used to study in Australia, though; he still has a plan to learn more about the hospitality and Les Roches Hospitality Management Institute, the global prominent hospitality institute, suits his specific demand. Therefore, he decided to go to Les Roches. Moreover, Switzerland has the beautiful natural sceneries. Thus, he gained not only academics and knowledge, but relaxation and traveling as well.

Les Roches: One of the top three world famous hospitality Management institute from Switzerland

“I would like to recommend to every student who wants to study about the hospitality that Les Roches is the great choice because, at here, they offer the theoretical and particularly practical curriculums. Apart from that, people connections and society’s acceptance are the important components because almost all of the preceding graduates from this institute rose to high levels in hospitality and services industry.

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