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Glion Glion, one of the world top three ranking in hospitality schools from Switzerland with concentrated theoretical and practical curriculum, is qualitative guaranteed from the successful careers of Glion alumni and the current students such as M.L. Nuntika Worawan, Deputy Director of Advertising and Public Relations, Bangkok Airways; Khun Pada Singhapalin, Area Director of Dusit Hotel International Branch; and Khun Pawinee Chaisirirodjana who is studying Glion at this time. They are welcome to share experiences and impressions with Glion Hospitality school in order to be a guideline for those who are interested and ready for the success in the future.

“Glion”: International Institute

GLION Institute of Higher Education (GIHE), the best and long-standing no. 2 of the world, was established for recreation management, sports, events and entertainment from diploma to master degree. It is worldwide recognized and produces numerous valuable human resources from past to present.

 M.L. Nantika said, “Glion has an international atmosphere because of variety of nationalities. There are only 20 percents of Swiss and French. Apart from that are foreigners. Because of this, we can be acquainted with different races and cultures of people which are essential to hospitality working’s aspect and also for the jobs of which require for the international communication. The methodology of teaching here is very intensive.  Not because you have money and that you can be graduated from here, but you have to have the capabilities as well. From this point, this is what Glion is widely acknowledged.”

 Khun Pada said, “Previously, my father worked with Thai Airways and that raised me the opportunities to fly from places to places and resided in different hotels. It made me feel that life as a hotel staff would be enjoyable and it was my childhood dream too. Therefore, I chose to study in this field. Moreover, there are many recommendations that Glion is the best. Thus, it really answers the question of mine as well. Even if each institutes have different distinctive points, but, from my viewpoint, Glion differentiated itself from others by offering condensed theories and practices both in hotels and inside the institute. As a result, these are very useful when we enter the real world of works.”

Khun Pawinee said, “Students come from various countries around the world and that made me learnt diverse cultures from dissimilar ethnic groups. More importantly, everyone is friendly which accommodates the study to be easier. What is more, Glion has the good combination of curriculums both in academics and internship. In academics, there are different contents and centralized pattern of the course. What this means is to learn from basic to management lessons particularly with the robust contents.”


What’s more than knowledge at Glion?

Glion is not only providing knowledge but also adjoining the skills, cognition development, the understanding of contemporary management theories and absolute integration of theories and practices which are the souls of Glion’s extensive succession.

What make Glion being the best

M.L. Nantika said, “After graduation, I worked as a travelling consultant about one year. After that, I changed my career to work at French Airways which is the practice that I like. If you ask me any questions regarding whether what are the benefits of the course, I would say that it was when I had the training at Swiss Air for three months and that I applied it when I was working at French Airways. Nevertheless, as I am now holding the position about the advertising and public relations, I utilize the knowledge by employing into working about adjustment issues with different races of people.”

Khun Pada said, “At Glion, the study requires strong discipline and patience. Because of this, it builds the strong ground both academic and practical aspects, especially, the practices which can be able to clarify us about our goals. Moreover, Glion taught us about the heart of services which is very important whereas directly reflect what I am doing currently.”

Khun Pawinee said, “Apart from knowledge about hospitality management, there is another point that I would like to express, it is about the principle when you deal with people. Since we are working in this field, we have to contact with many people and, at Glion, there are variety of nationalities which made us to study about other cultures at the same time. Besides, languages are matter as well because not only French that I am studying, but, I have the opportunities to study other languages from my friends too. In addition, Glion give us a lesson how to work efficiently as well.


Pleasant impressions about Glion

At Glion, there are full of impressions including ambiances of the institute, the variety of nationalities of students around 90 countries or the intensive curriculum. Above all, the most impressive memory remains when the students graduated from this institute.

Glion in their memory

M.L. Nantika said, “The most remarkable recall was when I had an apprenticeship with Swiss Airways. I really learnt every single process of working at there. Moreover, I gained knowledge of producing the thesis when I did the research about the tourism of Thailand. However, the most significant point that I would like to say is about the impressions of the quality of the lecturers who closely and disciplinarily pay the attention to us. Consequently, graduates become rigid when they enter into the real world of working.

Khun Pada said, “Glion is the boarding school and that cause me to stay with foreigners. I was the only Asian at that period, so, I had to live with 30-40 different nationalities. Yet, we knew each other about cultures and that is more important than the academics.

Khun Pawinee said, “What is more than the beautiful sceneries of Switzerland, the course syllabuses are enjoyable not only about Mathematics or Sciences, but also about world’s Geographies and Politics. These are unavoidable related with the hospitality. Nonetheless, the most important thing is about the impressions when I was studying here and proud of being part of this institute.

These are hear says from the graduates from Glion, the worldwide renowned hospitality school. Thanks to Ekthana Education Services, the representative of study in Switzerland who will be your best and closest companion and consultant for your long bright future.

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